Philosophy of The Life Instinct

Table of Contents



Part I Metaphysics of The Life Instinct

Chapter 1 The Metaphysical Context
Chapter 2 The Life Instinct and Rationality
Chapter 3 What If It All Just Is?
Chapter 4 The Nature of Time
Chapter 5 The Nature of Life and The Life Instinct
Chapter 6 Science and The Life Instinct

Part II Philosophy of The Life Instinct

Chapter 7 The Philosophical and Human Context
Chapter 8 Consciousness, Thought and Free Will
Chapter 9 Instinct versus Intellect
Chapter 10 God 98
Chapter 11 Religion
Chapter 12 Spirituality
Chapter 13 Intelligence
Chapter 14 Love
Chapter 15 Ego and Pride
Chapter 16 Marriage and Family
Chapter 17 Learning and Education
Chapter 18 Work and Ambition
Chapter 19 Sports and Games
Chapter 20 Migration
Chapter 21 Government
Chapter 22 Art 157
Chapter 23 Quality
Chapter 24 Imperfections of the Life Instinct
Chapter 25 Morality and Its Limitations
Chapter 26 Ethics
Chapter 27 Happiness
Part III The Life Instinct and The Future
Chapter 28 Future Evolution
Chapter 29 How to Live
Chapter 30 The Simplest Philosophy
Chapter 31 Epilogue

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