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Bumper Sticker Slogan Ideas

These are some bumper stickers slogans that flashed in my mind on encountering the animals who pass for drivers on our roads 🙂

Proud to be Indian, proud to follow traffic rules!

Licence to drive is a privilege, not a right!

The road is there to share man

You are not the perfect driver nor immortal!

Who gave you a licence?!

Driving a car does not make you Iron Man

NO there is no justification for breaking the rule you just did

Driving a Beast or Beast Driving?

In India we drive on the Left!

Follow the rules, you will feel good for longer

You were a pedestrian once

Footpaths are for _____? No? Really don’t know?!

Being Human is – Waiting for the signal to turn green!

Honking is not a Traffic Rule

You do not have to obey every truck that says ‘Horn Please’

Nice person except when driving?

It is an auto-mobile, not a battle tank!

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