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On Dodging the Bullets of Anger and Fear (a poem)

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(Please recite aloud slow as you can with the cadence —

di-dum di-dum di-dum di-dum di-dum.)

Dodging the Bullets of Anger and Fear

Whenever I see my rage emerge afar,

I push it out my mind’s door ajar.

I have for sure become aware lately,

I think, reflect, and meditate; you see.

I know what triggers my anger so well,

I elude it quickly and prevent its spell.

Whenever I cut my strain it leads to calm,

A healthy life and workouts provide a balm.

From anger, I’ll turn my gaze to fear,

It too often throws my mind off gear.

Whenever I worry, I query how much is real,

It helps dispel the imagined ordeal.

The straighter the path of life I tread,

The easier and quicker I nix every dread.

It’s thus I make myself more fit each day,

To keep my anger and fear at bay.


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