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The Things We Do to Be Remembered (a poem)

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The Things We Do to Be Remembered

The urge, the urge, to not be lost in time

Makes men and women do things sublime.

Yet observe not all the outcomes are fine

And it ends in just as many a crime.

We struggle to the poles and wheeze up peaks

Shoot into space and cross unknown seas.

We paint pictures and write bestseller books

Write music and become great cooks.

We play for awards and patent inventions

Become captains of industry and build mansions.

We get doctorates and pile pyramids for our tombs

Donate to charities and collect heirlooms.

To free the citizens, we lead a revolution

Then become dictators for their subjugation.

For the fame of power we suffer damnation

Justify genocide and decimate a proud nation.

We give life in battle for our land and people

But cheat and get ahead with nary a scruple.

We draw family trees to show we’re special

For everlasting name like Sisyphus we struggle.

With this siren call of instinct encumbered

We go through lives dismembered.

Eternal sleep of death the only release

From doing what we do to be remembered.


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