About Quality-Thinking

Quality-thinking.com was created on April 4, 2019, for the benefit and pleasure of IT Architects and generally everyone.

As I wrote blogs, published books, and made helpful lists, I wanted to share them as widely as possible, and this website was born.

Here’s what IT Architects will find here:
  1. Articles about architectural methods and techniques they can apply in their work
  2. Resources like websites and books on architecture that I’ve found effective
  3. Questions and answers about the architecture career and profession

If you don’t know me, why should you bother with my stuff? Fair question. So here’s my profile on LinkedIn that should convince you to take advantage of what I offer. Plus, my following of 1600+ on LinkedIn and Top Writer designation on Medium in the IT Architecture category.

Here’s what the rest of you will find here:
  1. Essays on a new philosophy that you can apply practically for a happier life
  2. Essays on meditation techniques and mind and body improvement from my experience
  3. Essays on the Art and Skill of Writing
  4. Samples of great Western Classical music
  5. Samples of great artworks
  6. A Q&A forum where you can discuss any of these topics to learn and explore more with the community

Same question on why spend your precious time here? Fair again. Two things ought to attract you–the content itself and my Medium following of over 1100. Have a look.

Quality-Thinking will always be free and won’t have ads or affiliate links.

I shall be ever grateful for the existence of WordPress and the richness of plug-ins that allow creators to reach the world quickly and effectively.

Please like the pages and posts that appeal to you, put your valuable comments, and ask me and each other questions on the Q&A forum.

The site is for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more. It will be my pleasure to improve it.

Take care, and have a great day!

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