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Get his practical philosophy for a happier life!
You’ll grasp the reality of existence and have guidance for any situation.
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My philosophy book is for everyone. It addresses the problem of locating the seat of life and human nature and using it to construct a practical guide for living well as individuals, together, and with the planet.
It’s the first time anyone has viewed and applied in this way the instinct that manifests as life and everything it makes us. Beyond being interesting, it’ll help you in practical ways for a happier life.
So get it, absorb the philosophy, talk to me if you need to understand it better, use it, spread the word, and leave a review.

IT Architecture & Leadership

Get this architecture and leadership book if you are in IT!
You’ll create better solutions and lead your people well.
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My architecture and leadership book is in the form of short essays. It covers various topics, some on practical methods and techniques and others with leadership and management points of view. It’s useful for anyone working in any industry, and especially in IT. The next book on architecture and leadership will come out in the middle of 2022.

My Other Writing

I also write on mind and body, philosophy, and architecture on Medium.

My technical and leadership-oriented writings are on LinkedIn.

You’ll find a lot more content on this website itself. Just use the menu!

I would love to have your feedback on my books or articles! You can contact me from this website, by email, on LinkedIn, or on Medium.

Writing Guidance

I love writing and have studied its art and craft for many years now. If you are also a keen writer or a budding one and want to discuss any aspect of it with me it would be my pleasure. Just drop a question in the Q&A Forum or write to me via the contact form.


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