Architecture and Money

It’s all about value

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Since prehistoric times humans have continuously developed tools to make life easier, produce more and enjoy leisure. The better the tool the more time or effort it saves. There is a vital connection between architecture and money.

At first, humans applied the tools directly for food, shelter, clothing, sports and art. Later they used them to create products and services they could barter for a wider range of supplies and make life even better. Eventually, we created money for the ultimate oiling of the exchange of anything of value from anywhere and with anyone. Of course, money itself is a tool.

It has been an ongoing story of doing more and more with better and better tools to make wealthier individuals, enterprises, communities and states. The value created by a tool is measurable, now even when it produces art. Tools equal money made or saved. That is their only purpose. They are not in themselves raw materials, intelligence or art, although they may display those characteristics.

Architecture is a tool.

Tools are useful only in context. They do not outlive their utility. IT Architecture as a method and profession is alive and well so it must be creating value. Should we take this for granted? No way. For if we make the value of the tool clear it will get used more and sharpened with use. Marketing a tool is necessary for it to flourish and grow. It’s as true for architecture. Are we doing this enough? No way.

Enterprise Architects have the privilege and responsibility of showing the largest potential savings and money making opportunities of IT architectures. But every type of architect has to make this the default way of thinking – how does every architecture decision of yours save or make money, in the short and long-term?

We wield a very powerful tool. Let’s keep this in our and our client’s minds at all times.

“Show them the money”, architect.

Published on 2018-08-06 09:46

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