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How Architecture Sells for You

It is under every need, behind every want.

Good architecture sells – things, services and experiences.

If we think of a client’s enterprise as a box, then out of it flows the fount of valuables it creates for its customers.

These business boxes spew out every object produced in the world: phones, planes, pyjamas, pizzas, pumps, penicillin, paper… They provide every service you need: couriers, catering, cabs, cleaning, caretaking, copywriting, consulting, conveyancing… They also create all the experiences you want: malls, movies, music, marriages, museums, motoring…

iPhone, Uber, Notre Dame, there is exceptional architecture in all of them, drawing in your backsides, eyes, hands and feet.

The more finely a product fuses function and form, that is to say — the better its architecture — the more consumers want it, knowingly or unknowingly.

From the other side, into the box of the client’s enterprise, goes everything it needs for its products.

It utilises parts, processes, infrastructure, information, services, applications, planning, raw materials, people and finance. Every one of these has an architecture. Just imagine it.

And someone provides them to the enterprise. Those who supply the ingredients with the best designs end up selling most to the enterprise, in the short term. And as the enterprise thrives with better inputs, the same suppliers end up supplying to it in the long run.

The more excellent an ingredient that goes into a product, the better its architecture, the more producers want it.

So there you have it. Architecture sells, from the enterprise and to the enterprise.

So, it’s not just a part of the solution. It comes into play just as much before the order as it does after. And its power on selling is the bigger contribution to the world. It need not be restricted to the boring old meeting of requirements.

This is not to put down other professions. Project management, testing, HR, finance and more— they all have their place in success. But they don’t conceive new visions the way architecture does. Just think about St. Pauls. Or SpaceX Starship.

The more you bring architecture up the field of play, the more superior things will be sold more often.

So let’s do it, my reader. Let’s see the architecture of everything. Let’s see it as essential. Ask for it to be superb. Demand architects, employ them and use them. From the smallest to the largest level. The world will be a better place.

No wonder there’s already a good volume of demand for a profession that drives so much commerce.

As Yoda would put it, “Itself too, architecture sells.”

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