Enemies of Good Architecture – Part II

Let’s be aware of these and fight the good fight for our solution.

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In the previous post I considered what happens after you have worked out an architecture on paper. In this one I consider the threats during its working out in the first place.

To have a frame of reference let us say good architecture is one that meets the functional and non-functional requirements at the least long-term cost And one that peer review has found sound. If the soundness has come from methods, standards, guidelines, policies and references, even better. But I am not eliminating intuition and chance from possible origins.

Let us also assume that the architect is well rounded. She has sound technical and soft skills. She’s well educated, trained, experienced, knowledgeable, connected and communicative.

What then comes in the way of formulating good architecture?

1. Distraction and Addiction

Architectural Thinking needs bursts of sustained concentration for 20 to 60 minutes. We have to think hard, in solitude. Instead, every couple of minutes we visit email, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook and brethren. Or attend unnecessary meetings to display our intelligence, wisdom, knowledge or power, usually dubious.

2. Laziness

We don’t bother to think more than once before using our last thing or the first option that came to mind. Or we just copy from somewhere.

3. Ego

In the face of new facts, options or problems we refuse to reconsider our architecture, as it is ours.

4. Fear

We create the architecture expected by the Project Manager, Seller, Customer or boss. For otherwise it is bye-bye bonus, promotion or job.

5. Greed

We create the architecture that supports personal or company advancement.

6. Role Fuzziness

Are we into Sales? Marketing? Delivery? Commercials? Operations? We dabble in these enticements and slip in our architecture in the little time left. Way more fun than just being the architect, right?

These are internal threats, those in part I were external. We have to stay vigilant of these devils of our mind to achieve a modicum of integrity in our architecture.

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