Enemies of Good Architecture – I

Let’s be ready for these and fight the good fight for our solution.

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You are a trained architect. You are experienced. You work out the best architecture for something, methodically. Are you done? Can we implement it now? No way! You must now run the gauntlet. And lined up on the sides are the enemies of right architecture.

  1. We don’t have the time for this
  2. We have never done it like this before
  3. It will need an upgrade that can’t be done now
  4. We don’t have the skills
  5. We don’t have the capacity
  6. The customer says no
  7. The big boss says no
  8. We’ll do it later (never), let’s do it simpler for now
  9. We know what to do, stop bugging us
  10. Architecture? Isn’t that some idealistic, impractical nonsense?

Sounds familiar? Be strong, don’t fall, run it well, come out unbeaten. It will leave welts and scars but each run will make you tougher. One day you will be a pro at making good architecture happen despite its many enemies.

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