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Hang Your Architecture Credentials by Your Desk!

If you’ve got it, keep it in view and stay true to it.

If you are a Certified Architect then display your Certificate where you work. Not for vanity but because you have taken the effort to become more productive and a competent body has verified it. Society deserves to know this and use you effectively.

The work of architects has a real world impact. We could dare say the architecture of IT systems and thus their architects can have an impact on the health, wealth and happiness of people. If so, can we let untrained people call themselves architects and practice it?

I have come across many an architect who on probing turns out to be ‘self-declared’. They struggle to define architecture or name common patterns, know any method, its work products, semantics, modelling, syntax or vocabulary. How can we entrust them the design of any significant IT system for a bank, airline, hospital, communication system or factory?

The human mind is chaotic. It is good for many things like basic survival on this planet but not for systematic thought, at least not yet. It can take years of conscious effort to get something rational and consistent out of our brains.

Systematic training by a worldwide organization or a company is worth something. Worth a lot actually. For there is a chance that the trained person will produce something worthwhile. It is not assured, but the probability increases significantly.

Of course we have to learn a lot by ourselves. Degrees and certificates are hardly the be-all and end-all. In fact, most of what many respected professionals know is self-learnt. Without innate interest, curiosity and self-motivated learning we would not go far.

The sweet spot for becoming the best is self-driven learning burnished with formal training. Kudos to you if you are there. Show it. Let it inspire others to reach it. Let it become expected and demanded. It is important.

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