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Many of you like to hear blogs and articles while you run, walk, or go about your tasks. So here are the audio versions of many of my articles and book chapters.

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts as I want to make things more delightful and useful for you.

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  • This story lists the five most serious problems of humanity as a species, and how much things could be different if we got rid of them.
  • This story is about the origins of our sense of care for others and the environment. It identifies the two sources as self-interest and metaphysical transcendental understanding.
  • This story evaluates which country has progressed the most in terms of civilisation by comparing eleven key parameters.
  • This story is about the inevitable alternation of good and bad days in our lives, why it happens, and how to take this phenomenon in our stride.
  • This story is about the dangers of the increasing use of jargon in industry and life and a fervent appeal to eliminate it.
  • This is a story about the problem with overconfidence and assumptions and why we need to question ourselves when we make statements.
  • Expertise is vital; brilliance is precious.
  • The introductory chapter of the book 'Philosophy of Life Instinct', read by the author Shashi Sastry.
  • In this podcast, Shashi Sastry talks about the three most important architecture problems and how to deal with them to speed up your solution design as an architect.  It also lays out the principles and mantras that ensure that the decisions will be of a high quality.  Understanding and practising this will increase your expertise […]
  • This podcast walks you through the stages of becoming an IT Enterprise Architect.  It is the second podcast in a series from on demystifying architecture.

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