The Clouds are becoming a Mist

The new world of ubiquitous computing

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The IT clouds of the world are proliferating, growing, fragmenting, combining, integrating and swirling together into a mist that envelopes the planet.

There are hundreds of Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google and Oracle clouds that are spreading across all continents — Giga-clouds.

There are millions of businesses with private IT infrastructure that can let other companies or individuals use parts of them as clouds, either for revenue or charity — Mega-clouds.

There are billions of laptops that their owners could allow others to access over a network for their data, software or computing power. They may or may not charge for it, but they would be providing remote services, essentially clouds — Micro-clouds.

There are trillions of M2M and IoT devices with tiny amounts of computing power, software and services connected over networks — Nano-clouds.

Blockchain-based Identity Management will enable the safe use of all these clouds together, without boundaries.

Global IP networks are becoming a tight and super-fast mesh, with spreading sub-marine cables, land networks, satellites and the wireless radio spectrum being used in multifarious ways, from 3Hz to 3000 GHz. These networks are the tendrils of the mist, drawing together the Giga, Mega, Micro and Nano clouds.

The mist is thick in some places and thin in others, a fine, fresh and moisturising mist that is good for our health. Breathe it in deep.

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